Hello, my name is Tomas. I'm a 21 years old dude from Czech Republic swimming in waters run by girls. Multishipper. This is personal blog so you can find here bit of everything. LGBT rights. Gooner till I die (oh and I used to be 'teamheya') free counters  beautiful souls


"Huge emergency. Could you come down to my school and pretend to be my mom?"

"I just want people to feel something, whether is good or bad. Just feel some type of way about what I’m putting out there. And you know, hopefully like my voice, I like when people like my singing." (insp)

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And then Heather showed up, and instantly, like seriously, from the first day, I was like, “I like you.” She was like, “I like you too.” I was like, “I think god has laid a hand,” and now we are best friends.

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I need a woman who’ll take a chance,
On a love that burns hot enough to last.

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